Mar 162011

I got my wort for the Iron Brewer from Iron Hill on Friday Mar 11.  The SG was 1.058, and it was all domestic 2-row.

In short, here’s the recipe:

Iron Hill Wort (2 row)   5 gallons
CaraMunich I 1lb 5oz
Aromatic Malt 11 oz

2.5 oz East Kent Goldings (4.8% AA) – 60 min

Starting gravity = 1.050
Calculated IBUs = 31
Calculated SRM = 8.3

I want to sour this beer, so what I did was make a sour starter on Tuesday.  I made 1 quart of sugar water (SG = 1.032).  I added a handful of 2 row to it, and incubated at room temp.
On Friday, I transfered the wort to a cooler, and cooled to about 100F.  Then I added the sour starter, and closed it up.  Incubated for about 1.5 days, then drained the wort.  It was a bit sour, with an aroma reminiscent of sauerkraut.  It tastes pretty good.

Partial mash:
I heat 2 quarts of water up to 160F and added the following grains.  Incubated at 150F for 30 min.
CaraMunich I 1lb 5oz
Aromatic Malt 11 oz
Drained and sparged with 2 quarts water.  Added to wort.

I brought the wort to a boil and added 2.5 oz East Kent Goldings (4.8% AA)
Boiled for 60 minutes, and then chilled
Transfered to fermenter
Topped off to 5.5 gallons with water

The next morning I pitched Wyeast 3522 Belgian Ardennes

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