May 112011

I’m always behind on my entries, so here’s a wrap up of the sour cherry ale.

I named it Elysian Cherry Ale, and technically it’s a soured cherry Belgian pale ale.

After primary fermentation (which was quite vigorous), the final gravity was 1.014.  I added 1 Lb of cherry juice concentration, which brought it up to 1.022.  After a week of secondary fermentation, the gravity was 1.016.  I transferred that to a corny keg, and it was force carbonated for a week at about 2.5 vol CO2.

It was then entered into the BUZZ Iron Brewer where it ranked 4th out of fourty-some.  The top ten beers then competed in a public tasting where it tied for 2nd.  All in all, not too bad.

The flavor was quite unique I think.  There is a lot of cherry flavor and aroma, with a slight puckering tartness.  It was described as being a little soda-like.  Personally I found it enjoyable.  I’m definitely going to give it another go, but I’ll do a secondary fermentation with Brett, I think.

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