Sep 082017
Heineken H41 Review

In 2016, Heineken released a limited edition beer called H41 as part of their Lager Explorations series.  Haven’t heard of H41?  That’s understandable – it was only released in the Netherlands and Italy.  When I first hear about the beer I was rather intrigued because this isn’t just another Heineken.  This is Heineken fermented with Saccharomyces eubayanus. In […]

May 182016
Recommendations for Brewing with S. eubayanus

After all of the data had been analyzed, I came up with these basic recommendations for brewing with S. eubayanus. S. eubayanus is a tricky yeast to work with and not for the faint of heart. Many of the brewers were turned off to using it again because their beers did not turn out as […]

May 182016
Sensory Analysis of S. eubayanus Beers

Sensory Analysis of S. eubayanus Beers Sensory information of beers brewed with S. eubayanus was gathered through a BJCP-sanctioned competition judged by Certified, National, and Grand Master judges. To standardize and easily quantitate the judging results, the BJCP checklist scoresheet was used. Judges were also required to write notes in the comment sections so a full […]

Apr 132016
S. eubayanus Brewing Data

Designing the Experiment In my previous post I introduced the brewing project to analyze Saccharomyces eubayanus as a brewing yeast. After collecting all of the data, they were analyzed using a concept known as design of experiments (DOE). Without delving into theory, the effects of multiple factors (e.g., starting gravity, mash temperature, mash time) on an output […]

Jan 052016
S. eubayanus Brewing Project

Currently, there is very little information about brewing beer with S. eubayanus. A search of journal articles on Pubmed (retrieved February 2016) yields only two or three articles relevant to brewing with this yeast. I think this is mostly due to it not being readily available to the brewing community. The yeast can be obtained through a research-only license […]

Nov 102014
Brewing with S. eubayanus

I received a slant of Saccharomyces eubayanus (CBS 12357) from Bret Baker via a brew club member who was at NHC this past year. To be sure that I was using a clean, pure culture, I streaked a YPD plate for isolation. I then took 3 colonies and inoculated a few milliliters of 1.040 wort […]