Aug 212010

Wow, I’m actually caught up on my notes.  Last night I brewed “Nutty Brown Dog”.  It’s been over two years since I made that.  I’ve been disappointed in the beer for a while.  I really liked the first recipe I came up with for it, so I’m going back to that one.  The only changes are that I’ll change the crystal 120 to crystal 80, and change up the hops a little bit.  I really wanted to go with East Kent Golding hops the whole way through, but there weren’t any available.  Here’s the recipe:

Maris Otter Pale Malt      9 lbs
Crystal 80 Malt           0.5 lbs
Special Roast             0.5 lbs
Amber Malt                0.5 lbs
Chocolate Malt          0.25 lbs
Special B Malt               3 oz

0.75 oz First Gold (8% AA) – 60 min
0.25 oz First Gold (8% AA) – 20 min
1 oz Fuggle (4% AA) – 5 min

Starting Gravity: 1.053
Efficiency: 72%
Calculated SRM: 23.5
Calculated IBU: 26.53

Mashed at 156F for 1 hour with 1.25 qt water per lb grain. Collected 3 gal wort, batch sparged with 3 gal water at 168F. Boiled for a total of 1 h.
Chilled wort, transferred equal volumes to plastic food-grade buckets, and aerated by shaking for 5 min.
Pitched Wyeast 1098.  Started fermenting at 76F.

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