Apr 022010

I counted the number of cells in the four smack packs.  Here are the results:

Sample              % Viability    Viable Cells/ml        Total Viable Cells
Wyeast 1028      90.6            8.64e8                     1.04e11
Wyeast 1098      97.7            7.83e8                     9.39e10
Wyeast 1099      96.0            4.76e8                     5.72e10
Wyeast 1882      98.3            1.22e9                     1.46e11

The 1099 has only half the amount of cells it ought to – only 57 billion.  So I bought another pack (and emailed Wyeast), and started another pack yesterday.  Tomorrow is brew day, so I’ll count them in the morning, then get brewing.

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