Aug 212010

Wow, I’m actually caught up on my notes.  Last night I brewed “Nutty Brown Dog”.  It’s been over two years since I made that.  I’ve been disappointed in the beer for a while.  I really liked the first recipe I came up with for it, so I’m going back to that one.  The only changes […]

Aug 212010

I had Jolly Pumpkin’s Bam Bier a bit ago, and I loved it.  It’s a great low-alcohol beer with tons of flavor, and a nice subtle sourness.  I highly recommend buying this if you ever see it.  So, I was inspired to try something similar.  The style is along the lines of a low gravity […]

Aug 142010

OK, it’s been a while.  Between moving, removing a fallen tree, generally taking care of a one-year-old, and working, it’s been hard to find extra time.   Here’s the questionnaire we presented to the homebrew club a few months ago regarding the English ale yeast strains.  In short, everyone could taste differences in all beers. […]

Apr 272010

Bottled all beers on Sunday (4/25). Added ~1.6 oz dextrose to each, to give us a final CO2 volume of about 1.8. Got an average of 30 bottles from each. The only problem we had was forgetting to add the sugar to the 1028, which we had to pour back into the bottling keg, prime, […]

Apr 102010

Since all of the fermentors are at Mark’s house, he’s keeping an eye on things. Fermentation has slowed down or stopped for most. He gave the kegs a quick roll to rouse the yeast, since some are very flocculent. He also raised the temp to 72F for a couple days to perform a diacetyl rest, […]

Apr 042010
Brew Day

Yesterday’s brew day went well.  First, I got the new pack of 1099 counted.  It was still lower than it ought to be (67.6 billion viable cells, 98.5% viability), but enough for today’s brew. Second, the brewing went surprisingly well.  We were pushing the limits of Marks’ equipment – mash tun totally filled, both keggles […]

Apr 022010

I counted the number of cells in the four smack packs.  Here are the results: Sample              % Viability    Viable Cells/ml        Total Viable CellsWyeast 1028      90.6            8.64e8                     1.04e11Wyeast 1098      97.7            7.83e8                     9.39e10 Wyeast 1099      96.0            4.76e8                     5.72e10Wyeast 1882      98.3            1.22e9                     1.46e11 The 1099 has only half the amount of cells it ought to – only 57 billion.  So I bought another pack […]

Mar 312010

I’m getting ready to embark on a mega-brewday with a couple guys from the homebrew club.  We are going to make 8 3-gallon batches of a special bitter and ferment each with a different English ale yeast. Here’s a list of yeast: Wyeast 1026 PC British Cask Ale Wyeast 1275 Thames Valley Ale Wyeast 1768 […]